About Our Company

On October 25, 2005, X-Treme Clean was born, with three professional women, having roots in the North Country, as partners in the business. Some of the initial steps taken to get X-Treme Clean off the ground and to make the community aware of our existence were: dividing responsibilities, designing business cards, printing and distributing fliers, advertising on the radio and local papers and talking to everyone we knew, both personally and professionally.

Our first customers were residential, but before long we got our first commercial client. The next big break for X-Treme Clean was getting a contract with a custom home builder doing post-construction cleaning and we have been growing and expanding ever since. We started with only the three of us and we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, days, nights and week-ends. Along the way, our third partner dropped out for personal reasons, so now the partners and owners are Cathy Bashaw and Carol Robert. The next accomplishment for X-Treme Clean was experiencing sufficient growth making it necessary to secure all of the insurance coverages necessary to hire employees, cover them with Worker’s Compensation and initiate a payroll. We sought help from the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Plattsburgh, attended various of their seminars and contracted an outside payroll service. X-Treme Clean services the entire North Country and all of its cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on reliability and exemplary customer service. We are a member of a nationwide cleaning association which gives us access to a network of professionals throughout the country. Based on the many years of experience and diverse working backgrounds of Cathy and Carol, recruiting and retaining good employees is a priority. We have a very strong belief in the fact that happy employees are productive employees. We realize that without our employees out in the field representing X-Treme Clean in a polite and professional manner, we would not have a business. The continued growth and success of X-Treme Clean is contingent on maintaining a satisfied workforce, which is why we stress to all of our employees the importance of open communication between management and staff. X-Treme Clean is an organization that is committed to reliability, professionalism, longevity, superior performance and 100 % customer satisfaction.

For more information on X-Treme Clean, contact Cathy Bashaw at 518-566-9584.

College of Residential Employees

CORE-sealOur employees are trained through On The Job Training (OJT) in conjunction with the C.O.R.E DVD’s. C.O.R.E or… College of Residential Employees is a set of DVD’s including everything from ‘What to do before you ever pick up a rag’ to ‘How to Greet a Customer’, ‘How to Clean a Bathroom’,’ How to Clean a Kitchen’, ‘How to Long and Short Dust’, and ‘Beds, Floors & Wrap Up’. They are from a top consultant to the cleaning industry.

We monitor our trainees with an eye toward continuous improvement and teach them the ‘Perfect Maintenance Cleaning’ (PMC) methods used by the top residential cleaning organizations in this country and abroad. Our TRAINERS have completed the ‘Perfect Maintenance Cleaning’ Boot-camp with Debbie Sardone, Owner of The Clean Team and Founder of Cleaning for a Reason. PMC is a proven system and has been practiced by cleaners for over 30 years and has been perfected over time providing consistent and reliable results!

If you’d more like more information on C.O.R.E. Training Certification, contact Cathy Bashaw at 518-566-9584.