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Cleaning Service For Chateaugay Lake NY

Welcome to this article with some quick cleaning tips for your home in Chateaugay NY.  Pick a room…let’s start in the bathroom and get that out of the way first.  Be sure to segregate your cloths and don’t use the ones you used to clean the bathroom in the kitchen, or the one you used to clean the toilet for anything else at all!  Again, the key is to be organized!  If there is mold or mildew growing in the shower you can most likely blast through it with the Magic of the Magic Eraser.  A good degreaser may be needed.  If any products such as Limeaway or CLR need to be used spray those first (putting down a towel so it won’t leak onto your floors) and let the product ‘do the work’ while you’re doing your other tasks.  Be aware of toxic fumes while using these products…if you have allergies you may want to use a mask while cleaning.  Use your long handled duster to get hard to reach cobwebs.  Work your way clockwise around the room, saving the floor for last.  You may need to clean the edges or corners of the floors on your hands and knees and don’t forget the toilet all the way to the floor.

If all this cleaning sounds like a bunch of work, well it is. You can do it yourself, or call X-Treme Clean now and hire the professionals to do the work for you!