Cleaning Service in Essex NY

We are proud to offer our professional cleaning service to Essex, NY and surrounding north country. Here are some tips on kitchen cleaning-   You’ll want to remove your burners and soak them and your drip pans while cleaning the well underneath.  Run your self-cleaner on the oven the day before and it will only need a quick wipe-out.  Vacuum the grate under the fridge.  Clean any prints from your cabinet fronts and disinfect handles or knobs and light switches.  Wipe clean the entire backsplash area and clean your range hood top and bottom using a good degreaser.  Again, the floor may require additional attention to clean corners, grout lines etc.  Move appliances to get under and behind, with assistance.  Check inside your dishwasher and check along the gasket lines for mold or mildew.  Floors are always best to clean last.

If you are located in Essex NY and would like to inquire about our professional cleaning service for your home, contact us today!