Cleaning Service In Lake Placid

We offer commercial or post-construction services to the community along with our premier residential housecleaning services and have long-term relationships with several businesses throughout the Lake Placid NY area.   We take pride in our prompt response to any issues and do our best to resolve them before they become problems.  We keep the same people and teams on the job so it’s not a revolving door of different employees coming in each week with no knowledge of your facility.  Just as in home cleaning, we believe a consistent team will provide the best service as they get to know you and your facility and you can get to know them, and feel comfortable with whom you’ve entrusted with the care of your building. We also serve the Saranac Lake area.

Keep in mind, in addition to being women-owned we are a local business and fully insured, for your peace of mind.  Our employees are also from our own communities and therefore what you spend with us is generally put right back into our local economies.  Although the ‘cleaning lady’ or independent cleaner can sometimes be hired for a lesser rate, more often than not, there is no insurance or workers’ compensation insurance.  If you’d like more information on this or any other topic regarding cleaning services, please feel free to contact us today.