Home and Office Cleaning in AuSable New York

X-Treme Clean is a professional cleaning service that serves Ausable Forks NY and surrounding areas. Here is a cleaning tip  for spring cleaning – Gather together all the cleaning tools and supplies. You’ll need cloths, a bucket with your preferred supplies including a good PH neutral cleaner like Mr. Clean, a good disinfectant,  bathroom cleaners, a brush for hard to reach areas, microfiber cloths for dusting and cleaning mirrors and glass, furniture polish (if you want it, it’s not necessary with microfiber but some folks prefer the shine it puts on your furniture), some Murphy’s Oil Soap if you have a lot of wood that needs ‘feeding and cleaning’, a good degreaser for kitchen areas, dusters, gloves, broom/dustpan, Magic Erasers and of course your vacuum and mops.  Put all your supplies in a bucket to go along with you..or better yet, if you have an apron with loops for bottles and pockets use that!

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