Home Cleaners in Peru NY

X-Treme Clean will come to your home in Peru NY. Here are some cleaning tips for effective house cleaning  – Dusting and Vacuuming in all the other rooms will require use of your long handled duster or a step-stool and microfiber cloth to get the tops of door and window frames, tops of curtain rods and ceiling fans.  Use the stool to reach the blades and wipe them by hand.  Make sure to get the window sills and those pesky radiators, top and bottom.  Wipe down all woodwork using your multi-purpose cleaner or if raw wood, Murphy’s works well; don’t forget the baseboards!   Vacuum the curtains using low power and your crevice tool and give them a good shake too, do the tops and under cushions of your upholstered furniture.

If you would like to learn more about our affordable cleaning service in offered in Peru, NY simply contact us here.