Office and House Cleaning Services in Keene Valley NY

X-Treme Clean is a “new age” cleaning service for your home in Keene Valley.

Here are a couple of the commonly asked questions about our affordable cleaning service –

How do I arrange payments?

The standard method of payment is a check to be left at the time of service. Consult with your cleaning service to see what options may be available. Cash, check or major credit cards are generally accepted. Payment is most always expected at the time of service. Some services require pre-payment for one time or 1st time services.

But isn’t it expensive and only for wealthy people?

The answer to that is definitely NO!!  While there are some services out there that charge too much, there are just as many that do not charge enough. A good cleaning with regularly scheduled service will generally not cost more than a nice dinner for two. If you think of the time you save that is a deal.

Contact us today and take the “time of your life” back for you to enjoy!

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