X-treme home cleaning services

Professional Cleaning in Keeseville NY

We are proud to serve the Keeseville NY area with our professional cleaning service. Let our friendly, trained staff do the tedious work that keeps your home or office looking immaculate.  We offer a wide array of cleaning services and often customize a schedule to a client’s specific needs. Just read some of the testimonials to hear just a few of our satisfied clients and their own unique scenarios.

Here are some cleaning tips for your home – Use a good quality (Texas Ostrich Feathers are best) feather duster or Swiffer to get the tops and spines of books in the bookcases and go into your curio cabinets and dust the shelves and items on. Microfiber cloths are my choice for dusting and dust all your knickknacks where they are and return them to their places….unless you’re also using this time for re-decorating and that’s up to YOU.  This is where the kids can help, have them pick up and organize their rooms so it makes it easier and more efficient to clean.  Same for Dad…tell him if he doesn’t ‘pick up’ in his man cave Mom may opt NOT to clean it.  As I always say, ‘if you can’t see it, you can’t clean it’!  Having things picked up and well organized always makes for a more efficient job.

The ‘Other’ Option is: skip it altogether and just call US! @ (518)566-9584 and let the experts at X-TREME CLEAN do it for you.

Now…sit back, relax and enjoy your shiny, clean, and healthy home!!