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Professional Cleaning Services in Rouses Point NY

If you are located in or close to Rouses Point NY, X-Treme Clean is available to clean your home or office. We are a local cleaning business based in Plattsburgh, NY and are currently expanding our service area! If you are interested in learning more about our professional cleaning service, give us a call at 518.566.9584.  

Do I need a maid or a cleaning service?

While many call themselves maid services and other call themselves cleaning services they are mostly the same. Most cleaning services perform basic home cleaning with a wide range of services. The days of the ‘typical maid’ are all but gone. If your expectations include things like laundry, shopping, ironing, organizing, looking after the children or things besides basic house cleaning you will want to discuss this with the service when you are interviewing.  While there are people available for this type of work most cleaning professionals do not provide those services. If you are looking for a home manager or more in depth services you might seek out a domestic placement agency. Most everyone’s needs can be met  by a professional cleaning service.