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Most people that hire an individual or cleaning service to clean their home are not aware of what they should know before turning over the keys to their home.  Somehow along the way bonding became the industry standard question to ask.  This is a false sense of security.  When interviewing individuals or services customers should ask the following questions:

1)      Are you insured?  This means adequate liability insurance, not a bond.  Bonding is not a bad thing and in extremely rare cases does serve a purpose.  Ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate.

2)      Do you carry workers’ compensation insurance (find out what your states requirements are).  A good service will cover workers with WC even if they fall under the states minimum requirement.

3)      Will employees or independent contractors clean my home?

4)      Who will be cleaning my home? An individual or a team? Will there be an experienced crew leader on site at all times?

5)      Will it be predominantly the same team each time?

6)      How do you train your employees?  Do you have a formal training program?

7)      Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee with your services?

8)      Make sure all expectations are clear and up front?  Ask about any specific service or task that you expect to be performed not listed by the owner/manager?


These are all valuable questions to ask before hiring a professional cleaning service in Champlain, NY.Contact X-Treme Clean today for your free estimate!